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Wedding Planning Withdrawal’s

“I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” - Rita Rudner

Hi Warriors

So it has been a while now since my last blog post and the reason for this is I have been off getting married, having hen’s nights, the in-laws came over and I went on a honeymoon. I will defiantly get to all these blog topics eventually, but today it is all about withdrawals. At first, I didn’t think wedding planning withdrawals were even a thing, but I have found out they defiantly are, and here is how I have figured out about them, but before we get to that let's go back to December 2015 when my now husband proposed.

LXLMS​ Of course like any bride as soon as I had that ring I began planning all things wedding. First, it was the engagement party, and we decided on a small, simple, rustic themed backyard party, we had an amazing and beautiful night, filled with good food, good friends and lots of booze which is just how we like it. In March 2016 we began the full wedding prep, I got an event planner to set up the day, booked a venue, picked a bridal party and spent an entire year making sure everything was perfect and super organized (I will be doing my top 10 ten tips to keep your wedding organized). Soon enough February 11th, 2017 came and the day was here, and it couldn’t have gone better, everything was exactly how we wanted it. We then left straight away to our fabulous honeymoon destination as husband and wife.

I now sit here six weeks later with nothing to do and wedding planning withdrawals. Know you would think I would be happy that the planning is over, and at first, I was relieved it was over. I went and enjoyed my honeymoon, have come back, settled into normal life, and know I sit here wondering what I did with my time before the wedding. What did I look up on pintrest? What did I talk about? What did I do on weekends besides dress shopping and table setting making and getting last minute items? Like seriously what did I do? All of a sudden there is this emptiness a void that cannot be filled all because I miss planning one of the most stressful events in my life. This void is also hard to replace as it is like no other, for me it has gotten to the point of me semi planning a friend’s entire wedding just to feel that rush again, and I am not even in the bridle party just merely a guest. I have spoken to another wife who has felt this too, and I have come to the conclusion it is a really serious problem with newly weds. Anyway, I am sure as time goes on, my life will settle back into what my life was before the wedding and who knows I may be able to write more blogs, take up a craft or just stop planning everyone else weddings. In the meantime, I will just forever stare at photos of my perfect day.

All photos takin by Beth at Sakura Photography go check her out

Until next time, be Fearless Rochelle

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