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Wedding and Drama go together like Wine and chocolate.

"Well, dude,” said Khalil, “sometimes you just have to get over shit.” ― Thea Harrison, Oracle's Moon Hi Warriors, Where there is a wedding, there is drama and unfortunately, it is always with the people who are meant to be supporting you and helping you on your day that cause all the issues, sometimes before the day even arrives. I didn't realize this before I got married but for some reason, everyone seems to think the day is about anything but the bride and groom.

For me personally, I had very few dramas and lucky enough the dramas that could have happened never did and the ones that did happen nobody noticed or cared. Majority of the time dramas come down to family or the "wild cards" as we call them, the ones that could ruin everything, bridesmaids and groomsmen who complain about being a part of the day, or vendors who just don't do as asked. Now I had a wedding planning team who sorted all vendors out, so all good there. I had three amazing bridesmaids who never complained, one being my sister who created an epic hens day and night, kept everyone in line and figured out all crafty items. My cousin who lives in Melbourne so she did as much as possible from the other side of Aus and my best friend, who from the get go just went I will stand there and smile in whatever ugly dress you put me in, she also made sure I had lots of wine. The three groomsman never complained either and though all stirred me up a lot during the planning were on their best behavior on the day. For us, the family was the issue with both of us having people not talking to other family members, there was a huge possibility for things to go wrong. But before the day came we had said to every one of them that if you could not put your differences aside for one day to see people you care about to get married then don't come at all. When the day came they did put their differences aside and we actually had one of the wild card members not come. I am currently watching two very important people in my life get married, I have even been given the privilege to help plan one and I am watching them go through bridesmaid issues, family disputes and even another family member inviting people that the bride and groom had no intention of inviting. So here is my advice. To those causing dramas, put it aside, get over it and move on, it is not your day so stop complaining about trivial things, weddings are so expensive and stressful and if someone had chosen you to be a part of their special day be grateful and just shut up. Bridesmaids and groomsman's, two people have chosen you to stand by them for their day, so appreciate it, do as asked, when asked, it is one day and they will forever love you. The last piece is to the Brides and Grooms, stand up for yourself, it is YOUR day and nobody should make you feel bad for doing things how you want and if they get upset they are not really friends and well family you can't help who they are but they don't have a say either and if you upset them they will get over it eventually, that's what family is for. Until next time, be fearless. Rochelle xx

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