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The World's Calmest Bride?

“Knowing when you should weigh up your options, remain calm and not take everything at face value has certain benefits. Ending the day with with a peaceful soul is one...” ― Virginia Alison

Hi Warriors,

Now I recently got married and it was possibly the most perfect and most beautiful day of my life. It was also the best year of planning, girl time and craziness and I managed to do it all without not have a single meltdown... well maybe a few.

I was told by many I was the calmest bride ever. Venues, photographers, wedding planners, family and friends all said I was the best bride to work with and just so easy going. This was a surprise to everyone who knows me considering I had waited for this day for a very long time and I am a particular person in how I want things. I won't lie I had my bridezilla moments to my husband, one to my mum and a small episode with the wedding planners, my brother and soon to be sister in law.

How did I do it you ask? I took the easy road out very early on, I decided that I needed a planner, there was no way I was going to be able to create my dream location wedding on my own, I took lots advice from previous brides as they had done it before and I kept organized, plus I didn't let the small stuff get to me because being mad and getting upset won't fix anything.

Sakura Photgrapher

Long before the day had ever come there were very big possibilities that the day could go wrong due to family issues on both sides. With this in mind, we simply went "let's go with the flow". So I created my Pinterest board, booked a planner had a meeting with them and they sorted all the hard stuff that I could not figure out and with everything else we decided to do one element of the wedding a week and before I knew it everything was booked and ready to go.

Now I know you all want the details on the meltdowns I did have. Well, the first one was the save the date magnets that where wrong, I got upset because the person to point this out was my husband before there were even sent. I cried, wanted to order new ones and all he said was get over it, so I did and still to this day no body has told me the mistake and if they did notice they have been polite enough not to rub it in my face. Next was the gown situation when I couldn't decide what the bridesmaids would wear for getting ready, an hour later walking around a shop and a small tear session my mum fixed everything, she is amazing. The last and probably the worst one was the week of the wedding when the forecast had storms for the day of my February beach wedding. I was certain it was not going to rain but my planners needed a plan B. Sitting in a marquee in nothing but a dressing gown and nightie I was upset and with my brother and his fiancee watching over me, I was completely lost until Zara said "don't break down now, your my inspiration to keep calm on my wedding day" this was all I needed to fix the whole problem and put my wedding back on the beach, there was know way I could let one of my warriors down.

In the end, it never did rain, the day was perfect and hot, people actually got burnt, so yes I can change the weather. My lesson for any bride is that the day is about you and the person you love, don't try and please anyone else or get upset over things that won't work because there is always a solution and being upset and mad won't give you a clear mind to fix anything. My biggest tip is to hire professionals or seek all the help you can from friends and family because Rome was not built in a day or by one person.

Until next, be Fearless

Rochelle xx

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