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Nerves Equal New Challenges.

“A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.” ― Ray A. Davis Hi Warriors, As I sit down to work today and slowly chip away at my list I realize I am putting off one of my scariest challenges yet. First, write this blog that I am using as an excuse to procrastinate the thing I actually should be doing. Second, write my mums newest program. If you have been reading and following me for a while you would know that my beautiful, amazing mum is one of my fearless warriors. And you are probably wondering why I am particularly worried to write this program. I do write them every day as a living. So lets back it up a few months, so I can get to the why.

On Wednesday the 16th of November 2016 I woke to a call from my youngest brother telling me our mum has passed out, knocked her head and was being rushed to the hospital. As you can imagine we were all terrified, lucky she was okay and they found that she had a membrane fluid mass in her head. My mum at the time was 8 weeks into her current program with me, had lost already 27kg and was the healthiest she had been in a long time and now had to overcome another hurdle in her life. She had the best doctors available to the point they even let her prolong her surgery so she had hair for my wedding and though her first surgery didn't go as planned the second was great and worked. So two surgeries, half a bald head, lots of rest, 4 kids very worried and 6 months later, my mum is ready to get back on her health journey and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Now the reason I am so worried to write this program is because my mum still gets some dizziness, she still has a shunt in her body to forever drain this mass in her brain and though she thinks she is invincible, we still need to be careful and every new exercise I place in her program I am meticulously researching it to see if it will cause any damage. I could just be totally panicking and stressing over the simple fact that this is my mum that though I am trained in injury management, CPR and first aid, this is still MY MUM, but then I think what would she say? Probably something along the lines of "write my program I have an extravagant holiday coming up and I need to look good". Which then brings me to the whole point of this blog, sometimes being worried, nervous or scared is good, as it means you are trying something out of your confront zone, meaning you are learning just how brave, strong, courageous and fearless you can be. Another lesson here is from my mum. Sometimes things happen that you can't control, so get it fixed and move on and don't let a little brain surgery ruin your dream of being the best version of you. Also now that this blog is written I better get this program done because though she is my client and I am the boss, she will still kick my ass if she doesn't have something to do when I am not there. Until next time, Be Fearless. Rochelle xx

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