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Stuck in a Rut

Hello Warriors, I wanted to get a little personal today and just explain why I have been missing in action. I have been stuck in a rut for quite some time. What does this mean? well.. my eating habits have been all over the place, my house is a mess, the washing keeps piling up, I have struggled to do my workouts, write blogs and even do my accounts for my business. In short terms, I have simply been unmotivated. I really get down on myself when I am like this which, then makes the situation worse. I am usually a really motivated person but the last month, I would rather just sit on my phone play games and watch Netflix. Now could all this be due to the weather getting colder and I am a summer baby all the way or because I have been dealing with a few health issues that are confusing the hell out of me. I don't know but today I wanted to share that everyone has these days, weeks or some cases

months where you just want to do nothing. Where all your normal tricks that make you feel good are not working and you're just stuck in the spiral of knowing you want to get stuff done but can't find the drive to do so. Now for some, this is a mental health issue and for these cases, I encourage you to get help or talk about it as these are the first steps to recovery. For others, it is just a simple unmotivated moment and it is time to just pick yourself up brush yourself off and try and find a spark again. For me that day was today when I signed on a new fearless warrior, I did my May accounts and decided to write this blog. I also realised that it is a long weekend and I am about to have the energy of a toddler at my house for a short period of time, the giggles of a toddler enjoying life can turn anyone's day around. It is ok to have these moments to wallow as they make you appreciate the time that you are productive and motivated. My advice is to have the hot bath or shower, eat the bad food, watch your favorite movie and allow yourself to be in the moment of your rut before you find your way out again because a rut could be your body and your mind saying "stop lets have a break" you will come out refreshed and have a new perspective on the things you need to get done. Until next time, be fearless. Rochelle xx

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