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I wrote a Blog

Hi Warriors,

My first blog (besides my shout out, welcome blog).....and these have been my thoughts.


How the hell is a dyslexic, 23-year-old women meant to write a blog that shows her intelligent, opinionated and hilarious side, which is supposed to inspire others to lead a healthy, confident and fearless life.

And secondly.

What do I write about, to sound smart, creative, inspirational and that I promote a healthy lifestyle, even though I'm sitting here eating Tim-Tams and drinking a coffee?

After these thoughts....

I finished my Tim-Tams and my coffee. I took a deep breath, put my hair is a sassy bun and decided to be brave. Have some confidences and write this blog. I also decided that I better do a workout.

Will my posts always be happy, funny and witty? probably not. Life can be hard and I will share the good as well as the bad. I'm not a perfect person and have never claimed to be. I'm a Personal Trainer who likes Tim-Tams, coffee, wine, and cheese. I'm not vegan, I'm not on a paleo diet or any other fad that's made up by some celebrity. I am balanced and I am still learning; but I work hard, love life and hope you follow me on my journey of the future and learn from stories of the past. Find some inspiration and be the best version of you and join me in becoming a fearless warrior.

Until next time warriors, be Fearless


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