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Self - Love

Hi Warriors,

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha

It's hump day, it's cold and gloomy and the amount of caffeine I have had today is borderline sick, but I wanted to jump on and talk about self-love. Today is all about loving you, the you that was perfectly created, perfectly grown and perfectly placed in this world for a reason.

As people, especially women we tend to pick out the flaws, the bad parts and worry if we are doing the right thing or fitting into the ideas that the world has placed on us. With all this pressure, it is hard for us to love ourselves for exactly who we are. Self-love is something we have to work at every day and something you need to learn. It's all about loving the skin and

body you are in, you can not pour from an empty cup so making sure you are happy and that you love everything about you must be a priority, because if your a mum you have little people relying on you to be an example, if you are a wife, girlfriend or partner you have someone who loves you for the sexy creature you are, so enjoy it and flaunt it, you have family who loves you, so love yourself so you can give love back.

It is so easy to see the bad, take me, for example, my biggest insecurity is my skin and honestly, I could write a whole blog on this because over my years it has never been easy, but my skin is my skin and due to its issues it forces me to look after myself and take extra care of me. There are also lots about me, I do love and that is what I focus on instead. I know a few mums who constantly tell their little ones just how special and beautiful they are and in the next breath call themselves fat or ugly in front of a child, placing that self-doubt attitude into that little sponge that you are working so hard build into a confident person. I know women and this one is for myself as well, who have partners who find them so attractive but can't see what their partner sees and then self-doubt is placed and you don't feel like being the sexy goddess they fell in love with.

So today I challenge you to look in the mirror and tell yourself you love you, find something that you like about you and say "hell yeah I have great boobs", "my hair looks amazing", "I am an awesome mum, wife, girlfriend and no one can take that away from me" push down that mean girl inside of you and appreciate the body you were given and love it. Also, empower other women, tell someone today they look great or that they are doing a great job in whatever they are doing because everyone can use a compliment and we as women need to stick together in building each up.

So remember you are beautiful, sexy and incredibly amazing and tell yourself that every day.

Until next time, Be Fearless

Rochelle xx

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