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Stepping Back to Step Up

Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do.” ― Denzel Washington=

Hi Warriors,

Time for a little story about me, about what has happened over the last 2 months. Now if you don't know, I am a Personal Trainer, massage therapist and was a gym manager, I am also very clumsy. Yes, my life is hectic, a little dangerous and it's just how I like it.

Now I was the manager of a franchise owned, 24-hour gym chain and have been for nearly 4 years now. Over the four years, I have managed 3 gyms but all franchise owned and all 24 hours and all the same just different names. The pay is not too bad for the industry and I like the job, it helps me to meet new people and be in the industry I am passionate about. Now it is not what I want to do forever and my dream is to have my business at a point where I can be running it full time but first I have to place stepping stones before I can run it exclusively and work within gyms is the best way to do that.

I then had an interview with another gym, a big box gym. What does big box mean you are asking. Well, a gym with it all, the classes, the spin rooms, lots of staff and a massive facility. Long story short I got the job, but it was not an easy decision, as it meant a pay cut and with me and hubby selling our business and him changing careers completely, it left me asking if we could handle it ? would we still live, be able to pay our house and bills and it had me googling if I can still be fit and nutritionally sound while eating only 2 minute noodles. But what this job change did mean was a chance to gain more knowledge within this industry, a chance to get higher up than where I was at my old workplace and the added bonus of it only being 5 minutes from my house.

After contemplating life, noodles and if my hubby is going through another quarter life crisis. I knew it was what I wanted more than anything and I was willing to take on the challenge and with the husband supporting and telling me it will all be okay, I took it and gave my two-weeks notice. I am now in my new work place, a new role and taking on new goals, challenges and I could not be happier. What this has taught me is that sometimes things have to give and you need to take a step back to progress further and with both of us changing our paths I just know we are in for another great adventure with lots of lessons along the way.

Until Next time, Be Fearless

Rochelle xx

Until next time, be fearless.

Rochelle xx

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